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Gas building Queensland

What do The Big Pineapple, Story Bridge, Gabba and The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art have in common?

They were all constructed with the help of gas.

Gas has played a vital role in building Queensland from the ground up; powering a construction industry that’s not only created iconic developments, but also thousands of new jobs in the process.

Billion Dollar Budget Boost – Made Possible by Gas

June 14, 2018 Featured

Queenslanders are set to benefit from about $1.78 billion in royalties over the next four years, a budget windfall made possible by gas.

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Sunshine State’s solar boom made possible by gas

March 15, 2018

The Sunshine State is making the most of its natural advantages when it comes to generating clean energy – and it’s all made possible by natural gas.

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Queensland jobs, energy and investment: Made Possible by Gas

February 27, 2018

Santos and its GLNG partners have announced they will invest $900 million in Queensland gas fields this year - which is great news for workers, the east coast gas supply, and Queensland taxpayers.

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How natural gas can minimise greenhouse emissions

February 22, 2018

Australia has the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions through greater use of natural gas.

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Queensland Wind Farms made possible by gas

February 9, 2018

Queensland will soon be home to Australia's largest wind farm with 123 turbines, which are made possible by gas, being constructed on AGL's Coopers Wind Farm between Kingaroy and Dalby.

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