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Looking really, really, really ridiculously good looking

May 16, 2018 Featured

You can stop practising your Blue Steel, Ferrari, Le Tigra and Magnum… Australia’s only international fashion event, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia is coming to an end after days of air kissing, selfies, catwalk parades and champagne.

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Billion Dollar Budget Boost – Made Possible by Gas

June 14, 2018 Featured

Queenslanders are set to benefit from about $1.78 billion in royalties over the next four years, a budget windfall made possible by gas.

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Made possible by gas bottles

March 21, 2018 Featured

You can't help but marvel at these fire pits, which have transformed the humble gas bottle into a series of amazing super heroes and super villains.

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Your weekly shop… Made Possible By Gas

April 26, 2018 Featured

It’s one of those adulthood tasks we can’t escape… a trip to the supermarket to stock up on the essentials. The next time you cruise the aisles dodging screaming children and unconsciously singing along to the bland music you can entertain yourself by spotting how many items on your shopping list are made possible by gas.

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On the farm

April 27, 2018 Featured

There’s a popular saying that every family needs a farmer – but did you know that every farmer needs natural gas? Queensland’s viable agricultural industry would not be possible without natural gas.

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Man barbecuing - Made Possible by Gas

World’s 5 weirdest barbies.

November 13, 2017

When we say the words ‘gas barbecue’ to you, what immediately springs to mind…

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A day on the water

February 23, 2018

A boat, sunshine, fishing rods and bait… what else do you need for the perfect day on the water? Believe it or not - natural gas.

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Getting fit with natural gas

May 2, 2018

Summer bodies are made in winter. It’s just you against you. Sweat is just fat crying. These Instagram slogans may not help you get fit – but natural gas will.

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Anti-Gas protests made possible by gas

February 23, 2018

With natural gas playing a key role in the manufacture of items made of steel, aluminium, glass, bricks and concrete, and as a key ingredient in fertilisers and plastics, it's pretty hard to live without natural gas.

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May the Fourth be with you

May 4, 2018

Happy Star Wars Day! Not only is May the Fourth the ultimate excuse to make terrible puns and pop culture references – it’s also the perfect excuse to investigate all those Star Wars things made possible by gas.

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